Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting into a groove

When you go to college it is really difficult to build a routine.  For me it was especially rough, because I've lived in the same place with the same rules and ways of doing things pretty much my whole life.  Here it is totally different.  You are living with completely new people, in a different town, and generally just a different life, so finding a routine can be really difficult.  However, now that the dust has finally settled and time has rocked I've finally found a nice little rhythm for my life to go by.  Most days its class, meeting friends at the dining hall, then hanging out with those friends in someones dorm or another spot around campus, studying, and the occasional trip out for odds and ends to Kroger or out for frozen yogurt.  Every few weekends I get to visit home and catch up with everyone there.  You always see college portrayed in movies as this constant crazy time, and I guess if you want to make it that way it probably could be, but for the most part I am truly beginning to enjoy my simple little college existence with my close knit group of friends.  Despite that though, I have decided to try some new things like teaching myself how to play guitar and going to the gym more, and I even bought a crock pot to make some yummy/healthy recipes in, so that should be fun.  Also I had a great birthday weekend thanks to my wonderful family and friends at home, and then the birthday fun continued when my roommates surprised me with cake and candles and the boys came over to give me hugs, and then my wonderful friend Jena came over and brought me a pair of beautiful earring and 3 boxes of the best cupcakes ever.  I am truly blessed to meet such great friends, and even though I still get homesick they do make my life so fun down here.  Well just thought I would drop y'all a few lines, especially auntie Deb ;), but I love and miss yall everyday!  xoxo Ashley!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting back to blogging

I am so sorry for taking such a long hiatus from my blog things get pretty crazy around here and let's face it I am just forgetful.  Which in college isn't a good quality haha.  Anyways not much new news from the Savannah front just having a good time hanging out with friends!  I spend a lot of time doing homework and learning new domestic skills like all the places one has to clean that I never knew ever needed to be cleaned.  Good Stuff! I am starting to know my way around a little better at least as far as Abercorn is concerned.  I do miss home especially right now cause the leaves just aren't as pretty down here.  I loved going home the weekend before last for my long long break!  Mom and Nanny both spoiled me with my favorite dinners and I made up for home made food lost time haha!  Plus I loved spending time with everyone, but mainly Connor man!  I miss him most of all!  I am loving my hair that I was brave enough to let my best friend "practice on" but she did a great job of course!  I had faith in her all along!  My times of getting to go home are getting fewer and farther because homework has really picked up and unfortunately papers don't write themselves, but I will be home for my birthday which is good!  Anyways just wanted to drop a quick note!  Love you and miss you all very much xoxo Ashley!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach, bicycles, bug bites, Hollywood, and hurricanes

This weekend was a frenzy of college fun.  Friday was Armstrong's annual beach bash with some friends followed by dinner and hanging out with more friends.  Saturday was an adventure on Skiddaway Island, oh and the best part of the whole weekend I met one of my Savannah based heroes Stratton Leopold!  He owns a delicious and charming vintage ice cream parlor down town, but more importantly he is a famous Hollywood producer!  Ever heard of Mission Impossible III?  Sum of All Fears?  Captain America?  He was such a nice guy and we snapped a pic!  Nancy and Daniel were amazed at how happy I was, but for those of you who have known me for a while you know just how much I love movies and know what a thrill this was for me.  The shoppe is also filled with cool movie memorabilia!  I could have spent hours in that one place!  However, I did have to be a little practical this weekend so Sunday was well laundry and studyday.  This whole week is actually and will actually be a study week, they don't time in college when it comes to giving tests.  I do have to say though I love my classes and most of my professors!  Tonight I took a break to ride bikes with one of my friends and unfortunately we both got eaten alive by mosquitos, but we had fun!  Now I am trying to read up on an apparent hurricane/tropical storm named Irene coming Savannah's way!  No worries though I had already planned to come home this weekend, but still exciting stuff!  For some few final updates I turned in my recruitment stuff for rush week so we'll see if I get a bid keep your fingers crossed, and I started my medicine and so far so good and no sickness but I am just on my first week dosage and will have to continually up it until I get to my full amount so hopefully it'll work and be without the negative side effects, but that is on me and what I choose to eat (aka less carbs more protein!) Well I hope everyone has a great week!  Can't wait to come home for a visit this weekend and see everyone but also to go to church when you're used to going every Sunday it really throws off your rhythm to miss one or two.  Miss and love you all xoxo Ashley!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to school, back to school

Classes have officially begun here at AASU and so far I love them.  To say the least Monday(the first day the began) did not go so smoothly.  If yall know me yall probably know that when crazy things happen they happen to me.  Class starts at 8:30, I leave my building at roughly 8:10, by the time I get to my car it is around 8:15.  I go to unlock my car...nothing.  Internal dialogue: "funny, I bet something is wrong with the key".  Get in crank (8:17)... nothing.  "no way try again"  "bad word"..."one more time"..."string of bad words".  8:19..."Nancy can you take me to class my car won't start"  Nancy:  Sure I will be right down!  (Nancy is my friend who is absolutely wonderful and saved my butt on Monday)  Anyways one would think that is where the story ends, but lets not be silly this is me we're talking about.  I go to get in I feel something snag my pocket but I am already in forward motion and before I can react...RIIIPPPP...."more really bad words"... "Nancy I just ripped my pocket"... Nancy:  "It will be ok".  I get out of Nancy's car 8:29... Nancy:"ohhh you can see the hole"..."bad word"... anyways I pull my shirt down and fix everything to cover the whole and walk in while simultaneously realizing I left my purse in my car.  Not necessarily a catastrophic event but none the less the cherry on top.   Not to worry my car battery was drained by a light we must have accidentally hit and turned on while moving and I became very well acquainted with the university's police who are rather friendly and helpful (not sarcasm true story and they are funny!).  Other than that little matter of drama I love my professors and classes though there is already quite a bit of work involved.  For the most part I stay busy and I love my time here but I will admit that on the occasions when my thoughts aren't occupied by friends or one of my classes I miss everyone at home, but I will be there in a week and I think those weekends here and there will help a lot.  Beach bash 2011 is Friday (its a school organized event ps not a crazy party) and I am excited for that.  I have made some really great friends to go with and I am sure I will meet more there!  I hope everything is going great back home and I love and I miss yall! xoxo Ashley!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 4 and more

Mornings are pretty routine with me already.  I wake up do a little planning on what needs to be done for the day, make coffee, eat breakfast in, and then normally try and figure out how to facetime with my sister even though its not working very well yet.  I am still having fun and so far everyone I met has been extremely nice.  I have already made one trip to target and wal mart, so today's adventure is to kroger to get ready for my new diet.  I've been doing a good bit of research on insulin resistance and the medicine they put me on.  I will put it this way it is an eat healthy or suffer the wrath of the consequences diet.  I really don't get the freshman fifteen syndrome I've always heard about.  So far I have eaten fairly sparse and when I do eat its apples or lean cuisine or the Galley's surprisingly good salad bar.  Plus walking around is the main activity.  Yesterday I walked all my class routes and met up with some new friends for dinner, and the two nights before that were spent walking around campus.  Which who wouldn't want to walk around Armstrong?  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Columned buildings, oaks draped with spanish moss, and all kinds of beautifully colored and uniquely shaped plants and trees.  There is something peaceful and laid back about this campus that I love.  Don't get me wrong in the day it is hot and humid but in the evening it cools down and the nightly storms are prefaced by pleasant breezes perfect for walking around in and enjoying.  Tomorrow classes start which I am pretty excited about because it means more people to meet and it probably won't hurt my brain to start functioning again.  Since it is Sunday and I don't have a church yet I am writing my blog while listening to the southern gospel station on Pandora.  I hope you all have wonderful Sundays and miss you and love you all!  Here is to another fun college day!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I have always heard of pregnant women "nesting".  Well no worries I am not expecting but I am finding myself doing and enjoying things here the dorm that at home would have been an absolute hassle.  I am organizing and cleaning and just making my own little system to make things here more comfortable.  One very important thing that would have been helpful to know last night is that you have to turn on air conditioning before it will work, but now that is settled so far so good.  I am going to our carnival tonight and I am meeting up with some people I have met.  I do have to say that if I could I would go back and shake fifteen year old Ashley's hand and say well done for deciding to go on that trip to California.  As crazy as I thought I had gone when I stepped on that plane I realize now just how much that experienced prepared me for this one.  I will never be able to recreate the greatness of those ten days but perhaps I will get to have an even better year here.  Mom and Dad are doing pretty well with everything they went out to the beach for the day (I was invited but I figured it would be best to stick around here and socialize) and I think they are liking this place, which is good because that will make visits more fun.  Life here is still going to be full of adjustments, but something tells me I have found myself in the right place.  I still love you and miss you all at home though!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Night

Today was pretty busy!  Move in went very smoothly they sent lots of help and everyone was very friendly.  I am not gonna lie college is going to be adjustment but I know it will be good for me.  I met up with one of my friends that I had met at orientation and we walked the campus and had a good time.  Mom and Dad will be saying goodbye tomorrow and that will be hard.  They have been really good though.  They did an awesome job of setting my room up and helping me get everything I need.  I'd write a sappier post, but I am in that stage where if I let myself I could get sad and I know I just need to stay positive.  I will post room pics soon!  For now though I have to say goodnight!